MGA is pursuing a revolutionary approach to structural design that unites nature and technology to create architecture that is more sustainable for communities around the world. 

Since MGA helped pioneer the mass timber movement over a decade ago, this valuable structural material has become widespread. Grown from the power of the sun and able to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, wood is the most significant bio-based structural material that is available to us and it is the best and most sustainable option for building tall and large buildings today. Mass timber must be sourced responsibly, but much of the world’s forests also need to be protected. As we continue to build with mass timber, we must also continue to innovate bio-based materials from other plant sources, so that our future cities and homes are sustainable, regenerative, and resilient. Our goal is that all components of a building are ultimately plant based, or sourced from truly renewable sources.

F I V E is about building a community of advocates, researchers, suppliers, designers, investors, and policy-makers that believe we have the potential to change how we create our built environments across the world, from the largest metropolitan city to the smallest rural village. We have the technology, materials, skills, and even some time left. This is our opportunity, and we must take it.

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