Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Art Gallery resides at the center of our city. The VAG’s steps and lawn serve as a rally point for critical community discourse and, at times, as a platform for the voices of those challenging convention. It is the collective “soap box” for our city and, as Vancouver’s primary cultural forum, so it should be.

This is an unsolicited proposal for the Vancouver Art Gallery. Keeping the Vancouver Art Gallery in its current location is a challenge as the needs of the gallery have grown and we step into a broader vision of how art is experienced in our city. That said we believe keeping the existing VAG is very important and very possible if we merely reframe the discussion and perhaps use our collective imaginations as a community.

Over the past several years, the VAG has proposed several ideas for its future. The current proposal calls for the construction of a new gallery at Georgia and Cambie Streets, to the east of the existing site. This would require the closure and relinquishment of its current building, handing it over to an undisclosed future use.

We would like to re-open this discussion and create something more uniquely Vancouver and more iconic as a broader vision.

We also believe there are many interesting solutions to consider and offer ours only to spark discussion. Our ideas have value but may not be the right solution in the end. We merely hope that our city and our design community can develop enough unique and financially viable ideas that the right solution ultimately is found. We have great confidence in our art, design and overall community’s ability to generate innovative ideas and encourage everyone to join this discussion with your ideas, designs and public debate.