• One of the many benefits of starting MGA | Michael Green Architecture was the ability to clearly speak to a single vision for our company and our future.

    We approach architecture as story telling and as experience more than mere aesthetic. A beautiful space or building falls short if it doesn’t also speak to us with meaning; if it doesn’t connect with a story; and if it doesn’t contribute to a positive experience. We aim to design experience as part of the design of space or objects.

    Each project we do has a unique story. We hope each captures the spirit of its client and community and finds a way to enhance the beauty and wonder of living. We also hope that each fits into its context with a sense of local and global responsibility.

    We believe that good buildings are good neighbours. They compliment their neighbourhood and they contribute in their own way. That may mean they are modest and quiet, or it may mean they need to take a bold stance. As a good neighbour they must understand how they influence others and how the size of their footprint impacts ecosystems and climate change as a whole.

  • Our practice is a laboratory. Each project is different and is an opportunity to explore ideas we believe will deliver something extraordinary for our clients. Our job is to do our best, each and every day, to give our clients ideas to help make their lives, business and communities better.

    As a laboratory we are exploring a number of subjects that we find compelling and that fit our sense of global responsibility. Some of our projects explore social justice and equity, most explore environmental and ecological integrity, some are in the developing world, some are for post disaster communities, some explore cultivating community and all engage, in one form or another, in shaping positive local and regional cultures.

    Our projects are very diverse. They are sometimes very large and sometimes very small. We are equally engaged in designing a shelf to put your toothbrush on, as in an international airport or the world’s tallest wood buildings. Through diversity we find wonder. Through diversity we gather knowledge from one type of building or interior and hand it to the next avoiding the cookie cutter solutions for the same project type each time. Our skylines should be diverse but complimentary.

    One of the challenges of testing new ideas is keeping true to our intentions. We want to ensure that our projects result in positive environmental, economic and social outcomes. We also want to be held accountable to this desire and welcome your comment and critique of our approaches and results. We have much to learn and the more voices that contribute, the stronger our solutions. We welcome your thoughts.

    It is important that each project learns from the lessons of the last and that we work in a transparent and sharing environment to encourage our industry as a whole to continue to improve. Michael introduced FFTT, the structural system he developed with Equilibrium Consulting, under a Creative Commons license that encourages use by others. Our goal is to continue to share information and solutions with the broader audience of architects and engineers. The more the better. Nothing ever happens alone so we believe in sharing.

    Transparency means that we are happy to also share the shortcomings of our projects as much as the successes. We are happy to hear from those that believe that we can do better and wish to push us or better yet teach us how. Please feel free to contact us at if you have thoughts on where we need to improve. We in turn, will keep trying to learn, teach, challenge, explore and implement designs that we hope make people’s lives happier.

  • We work in all materials but we especially love wood. When harvested responsibly, wood is an amazing material full of unexplored potential. We love it because it is natural and grown by the sun; no two pieces are alike and all mankind can find an affinity in its unique warmth and character. It’s also a tool for sequestering carbon and reducing energy in buildings. For more on this subject it might be worth googling us or watching one of Michael’s TED Talks. We have spent years on an agenda to shift our industry to natural rapidly renewables materials.

    A note on tall wood buildings.

    For several years now Michael has explored ways to build increasingly larger wood buildings for urban contexts. He has done so thanks to a great team of individuals and consultants including Equilibrium Consulting who helped Michael develop FFTT; a structural system for wood buildings up to 30 storeys tall. This work is still in its research and development stage but is very encouraging and we hope to be building a tall building very soon.

  • Our home turf…MGA | VANCOUVER.

    Our Vancouver office is home base for MGA. From Gastown our staff work on projects from large institutional buildings to boutique shops, locally and internationally. The Vancouver office currently houses our architecture, interior design, graphic design, landscape and model making staff. MGA is a mid-sized architecture firm, our team members are exceptionally talented, qualified and experienced…and we love to call Vancouver home.

    In the fall of 2012 we launched MGA | NEW YORK.

    The New York office is the heart of our research projects. From the next steps of Tall Wood Buildings to new models for building for disaster relief, the NY office continues to link MGA to academia, trade organizations, international aid organizations and the UN. The seeds we plant in our NY office grow into other projects and also help shape part of the conversation of extending the role of architects further from home and to the great challenges of our time.




Michael Green | Architect AIBC FRAIC AIA

Michael Green is Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, recognized for his award winning buildings, public art, interiors, landscapes and urban environments, Michael’s reputation has led him to develop a wide range of projects from international airports and skyscrapers to Vancouver’s Ronald McDonald House, North Vancouver City Hall and modest but unique retail spaces and homes. His work extends around the globe including current projects for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture designing a sustainable community in the mountains of Central Asia.


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