What does it look like to work with our team on a project?

Let us know where and what kind of project you are interested in pursuing, and we can help you create the best design with a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced team alongside you. We’ll help you get started with first steps, all the way to building completion:

  • MGA Feasibility Study

    Helps you understand local market conditions and costs, regulatory considerations and strategies for practical and impactful beautiful projects. This step helps you be informed and efficient in creating the best plan for you and the site.

  • MGA Conceptual Study

    Is more detailed and includes concept design and a higher level of budget testing to help you with deeper market understanding and your early decision making.

  • MGA Design Architect

    Where we partner with an Architect of Record for projects outside of our Pacific Northwest region / local to the site. We will bring the necessary experts, including critical scopes of structural engineer, code, and acoustics.

  • MGA Full Service Architecture

    Is the best option for projects in our region, where we can provide you with the full scope from design to realization of your project.

  • MGA Design Build

    Is when we bring a contractor on board as our partner at the outset of your project to help us deliver the design services and the built project.

  • MGA Interiors

    Our dedicated Interior Design team can work on both Interiors and Architecture projects with you to create unique, healthy, and inspiring spaces that are a joy to inhabit.