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  • We are always interested in hearing from exceptional people. If you feel that MGA aligns with your skills and values we encourage you to submit an application for review to You will be contacted if there is an opportunity at MGA which fits your skill set.

    Current Opportunities

    We are not hiring at the moment however we encourage you to submit a cover letter and resume anyways.

    MGA receives numerous public speaking requests throughout the year, but we are only able to accept a limited number of the invitations.

    If you would like to submit a request for one of our MGA team members to speak at your event please fill out this form. One of our staff will contact you to follow up on your request.

  • Did you hear about the stage set we built with our Vancouver Design-Build students for the Community Stage at TED2014?

    All of the TED 2014 planter boxes have now been donated to several education programs here in Vancouver. We would like to thank everyone who participated.

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