Our goal is to deliver inviting buildings that are a pleasure to work, live, learn, or play in. We contribute to community through excellence in design and innovation.

Each project we do has a unique story. We hope each captures the spirit of its client and community and enhances the wonder of living. A beautiful building falls short if it doesn’t also speak to us with meaning; if it doesn’t connect with a story; and if it doesn’t contribute to a positive experience.

We believe that good buildings are good neighbours. That may mean they are modest and quiet, or it may mean they need to take a bold stance. As a good neighbour they must understand how they influence others and how the size of their footprint impacts ecosystems and climate change as a whole.

We have become internationally known for our leadership in building with advanced wood products and technologies, and we love to use these materials where appropriate; that said, we strive to choose systems and finishes for each project based on our clients’ needs.

From our experience we recognize that value and budgets go beyond the construction site and should be considered in respect to the overall operating costs. As designers, we are attentive to issues such as energy performance, durability and overall maintenance; all issues that affect the true cost of building.

Through diversity we find wonder. From the diversity of our projects, clients and staff we gather knowledge from one type of project and hand it to the next, avoiding cookie cutter solutions. Our skylines should be diverse but complementary.

We also believe in possibility. We thrive in the optimism that all projects, big and small, high-end or very modest, can be exceptional if we do what we do best: dream big and walk with our clients on an inventive and ambitious path.