As MGA grows and we continue to innovate, design, and create projects that contribute to a better built environment and better future for our planet, we are excited to share a series of promotions as well as the creation of a new team structure within our office, which introduces 3 Studio Leads alongside a Managing Director.

We’re happy to announce that Jordan van Dijk is MGA’s Managing Director, overseeing the performance of our firm’s functions and ensuring we are aligning with our core principles.

Amanda Reed, Candice Nichol, and Chris Knight are each a Studio Lead at MGA – using their skills, experience, and knowledge to lead their teams on specific projects, focus on new innovation and design, foster communication, growth, and opportunity.

We also have a series of new roles and promotions to some well-deserving team members:
Sindhu Mahadevan – Senior Associate and Head of Research + Development
Kyle Elderhorst – Senior Associate and Head of Community Engagement 
Mingyuk Chen – Senior Associate and Technical Lead
Maria Mora – Senior Associate 
Marie-Claire Bligh – Senior Associate 
Stephane Bolduc – Associate 
Ian Scott– Associate 
Evan Dysart– Associate 
Sebastian Elliot – Associate 
Kate Holbrook-Smith – Associate 
Ola Adamczewska – Associate 

We are proud and fortunate to have such an incredible team and look forward to many more great projects!