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The recently completed renovation of North Vancouver’s City Hall has received the award of Merit in the 2012 Wood Design Awards by Wood Design & Building Magazine. This project, led by Architect Michael Green while a principal at mcfarlane green biggar ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN, was selected from over 100 entries.

The Wood Design Awards is the only North American-wide awards program to publicly recognize and award excellence and innovation in wood architecture to our society. The 2012 Wood Design Awards received over 100 entries from the US and Canada. This year 10 projects were honored in three categories.

Michael’s design for the Civic Centre is an expressive showcase for the innovative use of wood in buildings. Rapidly renewable wood sourced from sustainable forest practices has been used to dramatically reduce the green house gas and energy footprint of the building’s structure.

The Atrium roof structure is built of cross laminations of large format Laminated Strand Lumber ( LSL); a first of its kind solution spanning 32’ and interlocking to make a 220’ long atrium. The panels made of aspen – a rapidly renewable wood with a 10-12 year growth cycle, were pre-fabricated and erected on site. These types of solutions are an important approach to sustainable building as wood is grown by the sun, durable, strong and ultimately uniquely beautiful.

Many thanks to Mayor Darrell Mussatto, City Council and City Hall staff for their support through the design and construction process. We are proud that this space will be a legacy for the citizens of North Vancouver for years to come.

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For further information about his project visit mg-architecture.ca/portfolio/nvch