Original source for video: Wood: The Most Natural Resource, October 10, 2014

MGA and Michael Green were recently featured in a campaign for the Washington Forest Protection Association.

Architect Michael Green Talks about Why We Should Build With Wood

Imagine skyscrapers built of wood…

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Emerging wood technologies will revolutionize the way our cities are built, says acclaimed Vancouver, B.C., architect Michael Green in a new video series. Wood is part of the solution to
many of today’s challenges, from greenhouse gas emissions to an increasing need for urban housing and tall commercial structures.

Green is featured in an interview series explaining why wood is “being reinvented in modern architecture” with new engineered products. Green says wood is far more sustainable as a building material than concrete
and steel because it requires less energy to produce and embodies more carbon than any other building material.

“Wood is the only material grown by the sun, the only material that uses the incredible power of photosynthesis….we don’t have to build a photovoltaic panel to harness the sun, nature has already done it for
us,” Green says.

“Michael Green is showing us a new way to envision our cities using the most renewable building material on earth — wood,” says WFPA Director of Public Affairs, Cindy Mitchell. “With its high level of sustainable
forest practices and stewardship, Washington is positioned well to play an important role in this future of green building.”

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