by Julie O’Connor

Friday, March 22nd at 2:40pm

Original Source: The Prince George Local News

The contractor for the Wood Innovation and Design Centre has been chosen.

PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. have been awarded the contract.

Jobs Minister Pat Bell made the announcment today, and although there’s been some controversy with the project, he says they needed to move ahead with it.

“It is the right decision to build this building. It will transform the forest products industry. Sometimes tough decisions have to be taken – this was one of them. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s going to make an enormous difference for people 10 years from now.”

Designer Michael Green says this building will be unique to Prince George.

“It is part of a group of tall wood building ideas that are starting to show up around the world, but this is absolutely a first for this structural solution. This will seed a change all over the world, and that’s an important first.”

The project comes at a cost of 25 million dollars.

Standing 6 storeys tall, it will be the tallest wood building in North America.

Construction is expected to begin within the next month, and the building should be complete in June of 2014.