As part of the city’s innovative Réinventer Paris competition, our team (DVVD and REI France) proposed an inventive urban project called Baobab that would feature the world’s tallest wood building at 35-storeys and would see Paris define the next era of city building.


The project’s innovations are multi-dimensional and extend beyond wood building materials and height. A new model of housing explores ways in which the next generation can live in small urban spaces without losing their sense of community. Combining an innovative mix of market and social housing, a student hotel, urban agriculture, a bus station, e-car hub and amenities, the Baobab project would foster the City’s vision for a connected, vibrant metropolis. Spanning the eight-lane Peripherique and reaching new heights in sustainable wood building, the proposal would transform the Pershing Site into a gateway to the city and a model for future projects around the world.


Our goal is that through innovation, youthful social contact and overall community building, we have created a design that becomes uniquely important to Paris.

– Michael Green