The Dock Building, located on Jericho Beach in Vancouver, serves a large marina of sailboats. The facility provides offices for the Harbour Master, instruction space for children, washrooms and showers, and a variety of workshops to maintain boats, sails, and gear. The project’s practical working needs, very modest budget, and prominent siting required a simple solution that honoured the cannery and industrial heritage of waterfront buildings that were once found on the site a half-century before. The design demonstrates that all projects from working industrial buildings to boutique museums can and should be realized with grace and architectural dignity.


The building resides on the waters’ edge just where high tide meets the beach. Almost half of the project budget went to the foundation and piles, leaving the design team with the challenge of meeting the project’s functional needs while delivering something more meaningful to the community.

White standing seam panels are used for the exterior in the spirit of the forms and colour of the sails and boats. The structure is a mix of glulam posts and beams with light timber infill decking and walls. The interior is predominantly construction-grade plywood, providing a tough, easily replaceable interior finish. Throughout, the details are modest and practical to work with the limited project budget.

The Dock Building exemplifies what a creative team, an ambitious client, and a big vision can produce.


“The practical facility sits very lightly among the docks, at rest on the Vancouver shoreline like a boat on the water. From its simple form and efficient organization arise an architectural experience both poetic and sensible. Modest, it exhibits careful thinking about composition and materials on almost every level. To coin a phrase, sometimes less is more than enough”

– Jury Comments, 2020 RAIC Governor General’s Medal in Architecture


The massing is simple. Two intersecting wedge volumes mirror each other to create a lantern to the sea and a lantern to the land. Facing land is a glulam and translucent polycarbonate wall that brings light into the workshop spaces and glows along the beach at night. Facing the sea and the marina itself are a series of garage doors opening to the shop bays as well as glazed offices for the management of the docks.  A wood screen above the offices hides the mechanical systems in the high volume of the wedge that faces the water.  A knife-edge gutter provides an overhang for the shop doors mimicking the razor edge forms of the racing sailboats that line the dock.


RAIC Governor General's Medal in Architecture

Architizer A+ – Commercial Mixed-Use

Architizer A+ – Architecture +Facades

AIBC Special Jury Award

Rethinking the Future – Architecture, Construction, & Design Awards – Commercial

Azure Best of Canadian Architecture – Best Timber Building

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