As the most important gateway to the city, the new Prince George Airport has successfully redefined the city’s image. The two-phase expansion modernized the terminal with the construction of domestic departure and arrival lounges, new security areas and baggage handling facilities, and an international arrival lounge complete with customs offices.


The Prince George Airport demonstrates how a high-traffic building can benefit from the resilience, versatility, durability, and thermal characteristics of wood. The elegance and economy of expression celebrate the precision of contemporary craftsmanship and increased emphasis on value-added, engineered wood products and environmental stewardship.


The airport’s primary structure combines tight-fit stainless-steel connections with elliptically shaped Douglas-fir glue-laminated (glulam) columns, while repeating Douglas-fir ceiling planks provide warmth, and a serene sense of rhythm, throughout the building interior.

Inside, panelized maple plywood, “birch box” seating, and maple benches offer moments of calm for passengers in the departure lounge. Abundant use of natural light, unusual for a building of this type, enhances the wood’s warmth.