Prince George, BC

Three phases of the Prince George Airport expansion and renovation were commissioned with this project. While the scope originated from the need to improve security and add international flights, the design demanded innovative and cost effective technical solutions that would stretch the modest project budget to allow significant rejuvenation of the aging 70’s structure.

This project highlights our interest in revitalizing existing spaces and structures in a highly sustainable manner and our integration of interiors and architecture. It also highlights our history of working with clients, both public and private, that are pleased with the service that we provide and ask us back over and over again.

The wood structures combine discreet tight-fit stainless steel pin connections with shaped columns and beams crafted using 5 axis CNC equipment. Interior wood elements include panelized maple plywood, ‘birch box’ seating and maple benches that were designed to create variety and intimacy within the departures lounge. Douglas fir ceiling planks provide warmth throughout the building interior and on the exterior soffits.

Winner of the 2006 Lieutenant‐Governor of BC Medal

Michael Green, Project Principal
Steve McFarlane, Co-Principal
project by mcfarlane green architecture + design

Durability, longevity, simplicity, sustainability, detailing and cost were all weighed in the decisions to develop a simple natural palette for the building. The intensive use of wood helped to satisfy all of the project’s ambitions but also created a strong and logical affinity to the region. The forest industry is an important part of the local economy.